Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3 Month Hiatus? Dunzo!

Holy shit you guys!

I can't believe I haven't written anything in 3 months! I mean - I knew it was a little long because my mother kept saying to me, "Every day I look at your blog and nothing. I'm just going to erase if from my favorites list." (No you ain't, lady - you love me.)

Isn't it truly amazing how fast time flies? I am NOT 100% convinced time isn't going faster and scientists, in fact, KNOW this is happening and haven't told us because of some conspiracy theory
brew-haha..... but then again - maybe not and I am batshit cray-cray.

Okay - how to wrap up 3 months of my life?

Bullet Points and Pictures cool with you? Great.

*  My 6-week time off the rock? AMAZEBALLS. California - you are a gem. We will meet again. and I can not wait!!

Capitola Love

SF Tourist Shot!

Russian River Nector of the Gods

Canoe Cuties


Vacation Breakfasts are the best.

Alcatraz = SO SO SO COOL!!

Vacation Lunches are the best.

* But you still ain't got NOTHIN' on my MONTANA!!!

M to the T

Growler Coozies and Continental Divides go hand & hand.

Brokeback Mountain 2

Montana Masquerade.

Grizzly Sightings

Bull Riding

Float Trips



White Trash Cooler

Road Trippin'

Brewery Lovin'

Scrabble Kick-Assin'
Real Grizzly Sightings

* Then I came home and worked my ass off for the whole month of August. It got so bad I was even dreaming about work. I just hate when that happens - then it feels like you really NEVER left. Ugh. Good thing I am surrounded by beauty, flowers and good food!!

* We done bought ourselves a King Size bed. WHAT the F have Z and I been doing these past (almost) 10 (gasp!) years???? Sleeping on a measly-ass Queen size bed?  Fools. We were fools. And if you have a partner and you are sleeping on a Queen and/or Full size bed - you are a fool too. Don't hate - it's the truth.

All Hail the KING!!!!!!!!!!

* Z scored a pellet gun for $5 at a garage sale. I wasn't happy about it but you know, he's a grown-ass man, I can't tell him what to do all the time. So the other day I tried it out.      I'm obsessed.     Which is so unlike me, you know, guns and whatnot, remember? 

Bullseye, Suckas!!

So that's the haps on the craps around these parts.

I will be back. Stay Tuned.......there will be a lost solez orgy, my broken-hearted thoughts on Snoop Lion (WTF?? Barf!!!) etc etc etc because........

You're welcome, Mom!