Sunday, October 3, 2010

Books. Boards. Boyfriend.

Whew guys! I have been soooo busy these days....

These are the latest happenings:

Me and my talented illustrator's book is available for purchase!


It's available at or or directly from me! If you are interested in a signed copy message me your email address and I will send you all the details!


Boyfriend has taken to this bizarre behavior. He has been carrying around my shirts in his mouth - just walkin around the house, holding them in his mouth. Not chewing them or anything; in fact, he will gently set them down on the floor when he's finished manhandling said blouses. It's so cute/weird. Then last night I got into bed and my feet felt something under the sheets so I pull back the covers and found like five of my shirts in the bed. Apparently he's stock piling my shit.

You're so lucky you're so damn cute.

Z has started to make wooden surf boards. Like, old-school, hollow boards. And they are awesome. My man can make/fix everything. It's hot/sexy.

Especially when rockin' the "jorts," jeans/shorts.

In other news: I bought the most awesome smelling pumpkin candle so even though it is ALWAYS 84 degrees at my house - it SMELLS just like fall - am making beet and carrot soup tonight to support candle smell. Yay Fall!

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