Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tea Bag Blues

I went to a yoga class today and it kicked my ass...... I can barely keep my arms up to type this blog.....jello arms would be an understatement. If I had to do another down-dog I would have screamed un-zen type obscenities at my beautiful, wonderful teacher.

Anyways, bare with me there may be a few typos......

WAIT!!!! - - - - - - I just looked at the tag hanging off the end of my tea string - ---the one connected to my tea bag ------that's in my cup of tea. (I didn't want any of you ladies to think tea string was code for tampon string. My tampons don't have cute little saying at the end of their strings. But if they did I wonder what it would say? "Have a happy period?" "Have a non-bloaty/bitchy free day?")

Anyways, the little tag at the end of my tea string says "If your word does not reflect your spirit and honor, do not speak."

Ummmmm, is that code for "Shut the hell up?" Is this the tea-gods trying to tell me to keep my mouth closed and (gasp!) think before I speak?

Hmmmm....... maybe I should just end this blog here then. I want my spirit and honor to be kind and gentle. I, my friend, am not that kind nor that gentle.


Well. I am offended by this tea and it is making a mockery of me. I shall dump it in the potted plant that is on this computer desk - it never says anything.

Take that tea-gods.

I suppose now I have to make another cup o' tea. I will and then I'll come back and tell you what the new saying is, well, saying.


"Be kind and compassionate and the whole world will be your friend."

Up yours, tea bag tag.


  1. Are you drinking Yogi tea? Those little tags are written by raccoons. One of them told me that 'love has no enemy'. Oh yeah, then how about those whores my husband slept with? Or World of Warcraft? Idiot tea bags.

  2. Well said!! I know - I'm about this close ________ to boycotting Yogi tea. But I just love their "Green Tea for the Active Body". (I'm reading into the word "active" very loosely here!) I think it uses Turmeric Root and me likes. Me no likes the mocking little sayings on the other hand!