Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Facts

I recall writing and reading random facts about people on Facebook and I really enjoyed it. This will be an occasional, on-going random fact-fest about me and/or others. But probably mostly me, since it's my blog and I am an only child (Random Fact #1!) and everything is, and always will be, mainly about me. So there!!

1. I am an only child. I don't get that love/hate relationship that others have with their siblings. I don't know what it feels like to share the same DNA. I also have never had to share the spotlight for my parents' attention, thus I believe, nay, I know I am even more fabulous because they have told this to me and to no one else but me.

2. My mom let me dance on the coffee table (calm down - it was big and strong and wooden) when I was a little girl, sparking my interest to be a back-up dancer for the first part of my formidable years. MJ (Yes, as in, Michael Jackson) would have been so proud had my mom packed us up and moved to Brooklyn so I could go to "back-up dance school" in NYC. I would have been the youngest and bestest Zombie dancer in Thriller, I just know I would have.

3. I need to write more and procrastinate less. I even had a psychic tell me that once, and trust me - it is TRUE!!! And no matter what you try to tell yourself, you can not bullshit a pyschic.

4. I really dislike eating breakfast. I hate to make it, eat it and serve it. Sometimes the thought of eating an egg makes me gag. But how come I am so excited to have a chicken coop and chickens (which should be laying those little suckers in about a month)????

My Chicken Coop

How come my children's book is entitled Kekoa and the Egg Mystery?? It's like those eggs are taunting me.....

5. I cuss like a sailor. This "verbal flair" has nothing to do with being uneducated or crazy - I am just fucking passionate about life!

6. My mom is the best mom in the whole world. I know we all say it, but I am just stating a fact. Mom, You Are the Coolest. And even though we talk every single day, I miss her so.

7. I love the "Today Show". I love Meridith, Matt, Al and Ann. "Good Morning America" can suck it.

8. I am addicted to tea. (This addiction will be further discussed in detail, I am sure of it, at a later date.) But at least it's not heroin or stealing or Mad Dog 20/20s........

9. I have not eaten meat for 2 months and I have not even given it a second thought - watch Food Inc. and try, just try, to eat bacon. I. Dare. You.

10. I am petrified/terrified/horrified I will not be a good mother. It consumes me sometimes. I don't know why I have this thought. As noted earlier, my mom is awesome, so where in the hell does this overwhelming fear come from?? Probably because my dog is so obnoxious. God, sometimes I want to walk away from him and pretend he is a stray. (How un-motherly a thought is that?)
Just kidding Boyfriend, Mommy loves you!

Well, the fun fact festivities are ending here. Feel free to comment and share a few of your own random facts!!!

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  1. I am relieved to hear that your only-child-ness did not make you 1) weird or 2) hate your mother, as I am constantly terrified of scarring my kid for life should she be an only child. And seeing as how I'm STILL excited not to be pregnant (and the kid is almost 1), it is kind of looking that way for her.