Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tea Toddler-ing

Hi there! I'm back. I am a slacker, I know.

Even as I type this thing, my dog is staring at me with puppy-dog eyes, wanting to go for a walk. Sorry, Boyfriend, Mama just got home from an hour and a half yoga class. In dog minutes that's like 10 1/2 hours of Down-Dog and Warrior 2..... this little yogi doesn't want to walk, she wants to sit on the couch and watch Sex and the City while eating Cheetos and drinking a cold beer. (That's like the most un-yogi thing that has ever been said I am sure of it!)

But I can't and I won't.

I have decided not to drink for a month. (And to do yoga 3 times a week!)

I started this little idea on the 14th. It's now the 17th. 3 days! I know it doesn't sound like much but let me tell you something about living in a place that feels like summer or like your on vacation every single day of the year - you want a margarita or a beer or a mai tai with the flower and umbrella in it!!! We are always BBQ-ing (hmmm, beer) or are at the beach (hmmmm, cold beer) and there is always a Happy Hour (hmmmm, margaritas and mai tais.) Our local pub offers Happy Hour from 12 - 9. That's right - 9 hours of pure half-price happiness! Good times, my friend, good times!

It's hard not to drink living on this little island. One doesn't have to drive very far, one can get all caught up seeing the tourists having their fun on vacation and one thinks, "Hells yeah I want to stop for happy hour! These people are enjoying paradise! Shit, I live here! I should be enjoying paradise at this very moment as well!" One hears reggae music and ukeleles on a non-stop basis. One thinks, "This is the good life, it should be enjoyed with a nice cold beverage!" And this thought never ever quite goes away.

Now don't get worried that I get all crazy on a daily basis, I only have 1-3 drinks when I do drink (which is not every single day) because I am not as young as I once used to be! I can not be hung over, wake up, brush my teeth, drink a soda and eat a greasy cheeseburger and start again......if I get hung over I am on the couch, puking and crying and calling my mom - see old blog about what a good puker I am - cursing at my dog because he has to pee for the thousandth time which requires me having to get up from said couch all the while begging my husband to stop on his way home from work and get me flavored fizzy water.

Even my grandma, who is not a big drinker, was on the Happy Hour kick when she came here. Her drink of choice was the Pina Colada. (Could she get any cuter?) And about 3 o'clock on the dot we'd hear her pipe up from the back of the car or from her chair on the beach, "Isn't it Happy Hour yet?"

God Bless that woman.

So, no drinking until the 15th of April for me. That's when my a-sexual life partner (aka. My Best Friend) is coming to the islands for a visit.

Then it will most definitely be back to good times!

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