Monday, March 8, 2010

J.O.B. for M.E.??

Oh No! It's been WAY too long since I sat at my computer and wrote something..... bad, bad, bad.

But, on an up-note, I have a job interview tomorrow to be..... now hold on this is super fancy and adult-like........ The Activities Director for a Senior Assisted Living Center!!

That's right! The Activities "Director" Who by the way, has an assistant.


I have to laugh out loud when I think of having an assistant!! I am no good at dictating.... I simply do everything myself and then I know it's done the damn right way. But really, how hard would it be to get my lunch? (I'm kidding...... okay, I'm like half-kidding!) I wonder what the assistant thinks about doing laundry......

So, this is right up my alley because I used to teach senior citizens fitness classes. I taught 13 classes a week and I pretty much LOVED going to work everyday. So it will be nice to get back into it again. Although, older people are sometimes.......shall we say a little stubborn. But - no worries - I will charm the pants off them with my............. charm?

Anyways, it's for a non-profit and I will have to stick to a budget. (Again I am laughing and if my husband is reading this he is really laughing.) I'm sure there are a plethora (I f'ing love that word - Plethora) of other adult-like things that comes with the job. I'm sure it's not all bingo and lei making!

Which leads me to my main concern - I'm not an adult!!!

I cry and call my mom every single time I throw-up - whether it be from the flu or from a few too many. If I don't get fed every three hours I am a monster-bitch who acts like a infant. I still have my blanket from when I was really little. I also cry at road kill and watch Finding Nemo like twice a month.

I'm scared.

Hopefully my assistant will know what's up and he/she can run along and buy me my Happy Meals.

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  1. what up T ? you do know that i am the worst speller on earth , please love me for that . you are in my life for many reasons and i believe this is one of those . great to read your vomit , love it , and keep on spewing . much love jana