Monday, August 15, 2011

O! What a Night!!

So - just a quick update on things before I start my memoir writing class (taught by a couple of fantastic ladies) I will take beginning on Friday. I am PUMPED to take this class because I haven't written for people's critique in, well....... IDK college?  Well, maybe when I sent my children's book in to get published..... and we all know how that shit turned out!


Regardless, I'm not too sure I know much about writing a memoir - although I do lay some shit out on this here blog for you guys so me thinks it will help with this too. (You're welcome! )

So, what's been going on in my world?

Let me fill you in.....I mean, it hasn't been too too much, just the usual run-of-the-mill stuff like........

I gave my book to this lady.

You recognize her, no?

I KNOW!!!!!

I had dinner with Z at this really nice restaurant and she happened* to be sitting 10 feet away from me enjoying a little dinner with some of her friends.

How did I manage to eat my soup and ahi sashimi while this woman whom I've LOVED my ENTIRE LIFE sat a mere 10 feet from me??  (Remember I named my first dog Oprah???)  I have no freaking idea??!!  

But I do know I keep extra copies of my book handy so I grabbed one, ran to the bathroom, signed it to her and waited until she finished her meal. (My mama done taught me right, ya'll - I was not about to bother her while she ate a meal!) Her assistant (or whoever) went to pay their bill and I caught Oprah's eye.....wait let me say type that again..... I CAUGHT OPRAH'S EYE and kinda held my book up. She saw me and waved me over to her......wait let me say type that again..... SHE WAVED ME OVER TO HER and I quickly got outta my seat and took the 2 steps.....wait......TOOK THE TWO STEPS to her and said that it was my children's book I wrote and that it would be an honor to give it to her.  She graciously accepted and then proceeded to take a quick look at it while I stood there, awkwardly deciding what to do. 

So I say to the man I'm standing next to (No, it wasn't Stedman. He wasn't there?!) "I signed it in the bathroom, real classy like."

And he laughed and Oprah laughed.... AND OPRAH LAUGHED.

 I made the big O laugh!!

I think my job is here is done..................


But it was a dream come true! I mean, how could I have not taken advantage of that proximity? But shitttttttt...... I was SHAKING!!!  

This was well needed and well deserved after that one!

I mean - I've been told I'm not afraid to talk to anyone - and this is probably true but.... seriously I thought I was going to puke!

I got back to the table and Z was shaking his head and smiling. He told me I had big, giant balls.

Clank. Clank.

*none of your business..... ;)