Friday, November 26, 2010

My two favorite "S's"......

Two quick things you guys, revelations, really........

1. Snoop Mother-f-ing Dogg will be in Great Mother-f-ing Falls, Montana on Jan 23rd. The place where I grew up. It's not a cool place, or a big place. But it's home and Snoop will be there. So this is huge. HUGE!! I really want to go, because
A. Do I even need to Re-Mention the whole entire BLOG about "Snoopy Dog Dog"??? If you read that one you know I am OWED this much in my life. Fo' Shizzle.
B. I am such a G (please see 4th picture down) so I NEED to be at this concert. Duh.
C. Maybe to see winter again; just to be reminded how great it is to live in tropical weather?

2. I know a lot of people don't get the "all things mustache" obsession that I have. And not that I am into explaining my idiosyncrasies/ awesomeness to these said people; but I think the issue has some deep meaning...

My DAD and I on Thanksgiving.

Yup - my dad rocking the stash. In fact, I have never seen my Dad without some sort of facial hair. This just dawned on me for the first time in my 30 years. (That and his initials are J.A.M. which for some reason is fucking hilarious to me. I am now only calling him by this....JAM, pass me the butter....hahaha!!)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life in Pictures

Um, wait whaaaaaa???? I have not posted since OCTOBER 30th? I mean I know I was slacking on the blog-front but come on! I suck. And I'm still that busy.... but aren't we all? I guess I just suck then.

Okay, so they say pictures are worth a thousand words? Well that's super good since I don't have the time to type out those thousand words!! So let me fill you in on the happenings of things.....

*Please ignore the underlining on some of the captions - I didn't have time to figure our how to undo it? WTF??

Boyfriend has a Girlfriend! (Her name is Sadie and she's the bee's knees!!)

I think it's true love!

Guess who had the best pumpkin - 'Mo Love. 'Mo Love.

The hottest chola around. (I'm sorry if anyone who reads this is an actual Mexican Gangsta Girl but I got nothin' but ReSpEcT for a woman who can pull off the flannel-look year around and rocks lip liner with no lipstick. ReSpEcT.)

My husband doesn't like boys, I promise.

My family came for a visit. This is the best shot of my mom and G-ma and me EVER! (I'm thinkin' Christmas Card material.)

Book Signing Day with my illustrator and her cute little one eyeing the free cookies we used as bait!

The Big Reveal - I think the kiddies were more interested in their smoothies than the actual book. Ya win some, ya lose some!

The most cutest book duo ever - watch out J.K. Rowling we're coming to get cha!!!