Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life in Pictures

Um, wait whaaaaaa???? I have not posted since OCTOBER 30th? I mean I know I was slacking on the blog-front but come on! I suck. And I'm still that busy.... but aren't we all? I guess I just suck then.

Okay, so they say pictures are worth a thousand words? Well that's super good since I don't have the time to type out those thousand words!! So let me fill you in on the happenings of things.....

*Please ignore the underlining on some of the captions - I didn't have time to figure our how to undo it? WTF??

Boyfriend has a Girlfriend! (Her name is Sadie and she's the bee's knees!!)

I think it's true love!

Guess who had the best pumpkin - 'Mo Love. 'Mo Love.

The hottest chola around. (I'm sorry if anyone who reads this is an actual Mexican Gangsta Girl but I got nothin' but ReSpEcT for a woman who can pull off the flannel-look year around and rocks lip liner with no lipstick. ReSpEcT.)

My husband doesn't like boys, I promise.

My family came for a visit. This is the best shot of my mom and G-ma and me EVER! (I'm thinkin' Christmas Card material.)

Book Signing Day with my illustrator and her cute little one eyeing the free cookies we used as bait!

The Big Reveal - I think the kiddies were more interested in their smoothies than the actual book. Ya win some, ya lose some!

The most cutest book duo ever - watch out J.K. Rowling we're coming to get cha!!!

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