Saturday, October 30, 2010

Is it a Busy Bee? or a Busy Beaver? I'm both, then.

Oh, Hi!

Remember me??

Seriously guys, I don't mean to bitch right off the bat but I have been soooooo mother lovin' busy this month.


Do you see the whole 3 days I didn't have anything going on/working? Those were clean the house/grocery shopping/wash laundry days. How the hell do people do this with KIDS??? I'm starting to warm up to the idea of plural marriages. I could use a "sister-wife" or two. Maybe those women are on to something......hmmmm........

I am delirious & tired.

But I am happy.

Here is what has been going on around here (In Bulleted-Form.)

  • Z's still sporting the stash; in fact, he has now taken to twisting up the sides and we are going to buy him some mustache wax - it's just never ending fun with the facial hair.
  • I catered the best, most romantic wedding ever! (And this is a big statement because I have seen A LOT of weddings.) The love was so fierce between the two that it was palpable. You could feel their love like a cozy sweater. There was not a dry-eye in the house. The families were awesome, the speeches were heartfelt and beautiful - even our male bartender was crying during their first dance. And the marriage was between two women. Anyone who thinks that gay marriage is a problem should have been at this wedding - they would have eaten their judgey/assholey opinions right down with the bride and bride wedding cake.
  • My mom and step-dad and my G-ma are going to be visiting next Thursday! I can't wait!! They haven't seen their hairy little grandchild/great-grandchild since he was 6 mos. old - plus he is wayyyyyy better behaved now that the puppy stage is over!
  • The reason for the visit is because I HAVE MY FIRST-EVER BOOK SIGNING AT BORDERS IN 1 WEEK!!!
  • And I get to meet my illustrator in person! (Like how I call her MY illustrator like I own her soul now. That is such an only child statement - geez Louise.) Anyways, I don't own Holly but we are friends, I like her a lot. The funny thing is we are only blog and facebook friends so I can't wait to meet her in person!
  • I am going to wear the perfect necklace at the book signing: it's a vintage piece my mom secretly bought for me after I fell in love with it while visiting MT this summer. It's a really cool bird and it's wings and tail move when you walk. It's big and I love it.
My necklace is bigger than your necklace.

So that's about it. You know, book signings and mustaches - the usual. I probably won't have time to write again for the next coupla weeks - but will take lots a pictures and if you're on island you can come check us out.

Saturday, Nov. 6 Noon - 1 pm at Borders at Queen Ka'ahumanu Mall and then from
2 - 3 pm at Borders by Pier 1 and Old Navy.

Holly will be reading our book to the little kiddies at the later one. So bring the little ones and bring your wallet. Just kidding - but seriously come and say hey if you can!!

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  1. You are "my author" hereabouts, so we must have swapped soul-ownership. I'll give it back mostly unharmed, if a bit limp and soaked in Dayquil. Will not be bringing boiled eggs to lob at the kiddies, as a) the long drive in hot car will give them all a nice take-home of food poisoning and b) I am siiiiick and no fanciness is going to happen from me. Promise I will be wearing pants and be able to read from behind the clicking of a Halls lozenge, though.

    We are so famous and important! ^_^