Thursday, January 19, 2012

Playing Catchup!!

I'm sorry it's taken so long to get back in the swing of things but Z and I were with his parents for 3 weeks - well they were with us for 3 weeks - so we were busy being hosts and then took a fabulous little getaway to the island of Kauai for a week and man - it is so BEAUTIFUL there!!!

Black Hats = Big Pimpin'

But now we are home and trying to get back into the groove of sleeping in our own bed, not having to cook for 4 people and cleaning the house plus working, walking the dog, catching up with our friends and DVR'd episodes of Top Chef.

It's always so nice to be home!!

I wanted to share with you guys some of the Mustache Schwag I received for Christmas.

Holy Mustaches, Batman!

The book was actually just a gift from my fab next door neighbor friend but I wanted to showcase it none-the-less.  I mean, fingerstache tattoos?? Fucking genius. And mustache cookie cutters? Who doesn't want those?? (Thanks mom, you're the best!) And the clutch, ring, socks..... all too fun!!!

I do have to admit tho - I am worried that this mustache giving may turn into a little "G-Ma and the Clown Room" type thing....... and then one day my grandchild will be blogging about her Grandma and her crazy-ass mustache room..... hmmmmm........

Also, can we talk about how much I miss this face when we leave?

Black Noses = Big Pimpin'

Seriously. I hate leaving him behind ever time we go somewhere but it's not like we live on the mainland where you can just put him in a car and drive to where ever you are going. :(
But we are so lucky to have such great friends that are willing to housesit for us and love up on my Boyfriend when we are away!

In other news: I have decided to not drink for a whole month. Just a little detox from the Holidays. It's not like I get wasted but it's easy to have a glass of wine here, a beer there, happy hour drinks for a friend's birthday, shots because of the in-laws in your house for 3 weeks (just kidding...kinda) etc.  And then it quickly turns into an almost every day thing.

So no drinks for me! It's been a week and I have even lost a pound! Bonus!!

Although - I'm not sure it's that great for my blogging.


So don't worry - it's not going to be forever. I will TOTALLY keep drinking wine and coconut martinis for you guys!!

It's the least I can do!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lost Solez the 6th

Z and I are headed to Kauai for the next week with my in-laws that have been visiting from New Zealand.  It has been a whirlwind of family, friends, booze, ham and parties!

And now, one last Hurrah at their timeshare at Hanalei Bay and then back to reality.

I thought I would leave you with a little Lost Solez action until I get back and get serious with the blogging/writing/everything.

Did I mention Happy 2012!?! Big things are happening this year, guys, big things! (No - not babies, like bigger, universal things - take 'er easy!!)

P.S. I am not sure why most of these are small?  And I couldn't fix them without making the resolution all pixely. (Does that even make any sense? Probably not.  I'm talking out my ass BUT you probably knew what I meant because we are friends.)  I think the smallness is because they were emailed to me and not texted like most of my photos from you guys. And since I probably will not be putting my phone number on here, we will have to just do with the smallness..... unless you had to marry him.... okay, bad joke.

Where were we??

Brianne L.      Scottsdale, AZ

Kahului, HI         Holly J

La Perouse Bay, HI                      Krystal G W

Newport Beach, OR            Margo S

Wailea, Hi                                T-Dubya

**Bonus Picture

Wailuku, HI       Sam Howard