Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Random Facts VI

It's Random Fact Time again!!

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38.  I despise drinking hot drinks out of glass mugs. It irks me to no end when you go to a restaurant and they put my hot tea in a glass mug. I love to cup my free hand around the entirety of a well-shaped mug and ya just can't do that with glass.

I hate you.

39.  I seem to ALWAYS get the stove-top elements mixed up with their corresponding dials. There is something wrong with my brain. I turn the dial to Hi and the wrong burner turns on and I don't notice until it's all orange. WTF is my problem? I do it 75% of the time. I have stove-top dyslexia. There must be a real name for this.

40.  I once had this old Hawaiian lady ask me what I am. (This happens regularly - people want to know "what I am" (Ah - besides, awesome?) I told her I am mostly Native American. She stared at me and nodded really slow. Then she proceeds to tell me that Hawaiians and Native Americans are closer to God than anyone else.  

I was really worried.

41.  I refuse to say Namaste at the end of my yoga classes - it's not that I don't love my teachers or appreciate the light in them reflecting the light in me - it just feels forced to say it. Maybe I am not a real yogi then.  I will OM and chant tho!! Redeemable?

42.  My 2003 Jeep Liberty runs on biodisel. It smells like hamburgers. Whenever I get a whiff of it my mouth waters a little bit.

43. I often surprise myself on how well I can answer some questions when Jeopardy! is on TV.  I really do love useless information. I'm still not as good as my friend Cat - who is so good that she almost got us kicked out of a bar in college because of it! The joint had a free nachos and our buddy worked behind the bar. We would often go there for the free food and almost free drinks right around the time Jeopardy! was playing. Apparently the old geezer patrons were getting annoyed that she knew all the answers and was bitching to our friend about her and our friend had to ask us to leave or for her to shut up.  Haters.

44.  I remember rocking Star Wars sheets under my comforter decorated with hearts when I was growing up. I told Z this and he said he knew I was the perfect female!! Ha Ha!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Whole New Me!

I haven't written since March 12th? DANG! I must have been busy!

Busy doing what you ask?

Busy losing 10 pounds!!!

Whoo - Hoo!!!!!!


Except for - that's the thing - it's the ONLY thing that does the trick!

Z and I started a cleanse March 1 that lasted 14 days. Nothing too crazy - you still got to eat but you gotta eat clean! No bread, dairy, sugar & alcohol and limited meat.

Click here if you want to see all about it! I highly recommend it - it's kinda pricey but so are hospital bills down the road.... and name-brand jeans.....and iphones..... so whatever.

I mean - I know I'm not obese or anything but I could stand to lose a solid 10 and now I will lose those last pesky pounds!! 

I already feel so much better!

It's fun! Plus I am back to my hour and a half/ 3 times a week yoga practice!


Z even commented on how he can tell the difference when I practice yoga and when I don't. 

Shit's true.

And then on my non-yoga days I have been working out with my friend/neighbor rotating threw Jillian Michaels DVDs.

Oh Jillian. I'll see you again soon.

I've also been into this whole cooking thing.


This was me.

I know!! We sorta had to revamp our cooking. I mean we don't eat that bad what's a meal without bread, cheese and wine? 

So far I've made: chicken veggie soup, coconut sweet potato stew, lamb ribs, vegan pesto, homemade bomb-ass salad dressing, turkey meat balls, kale chips etc.


I've been pouring over healthy cooking blogs and it's sorta like a whole new me!! 

Does anyone have a go-to healthy recipe they LOVE? Care to share??