Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun Stuffs 2.0

Yo, Yo!!

So I don't know if you know this but, I am turning thirty in a coupla weeks. I don't really give a shit because people still don't even believe I am old enough to drink. Especially when I go home to Montana and give the waitress my Hawaiian I.D. They glare at me, shake their heads and walk away. I smile and think, "When that stops happening, I'm gonna be sad."

So, I'm not too hung up on the big three-oh. I am hung up on the joint party me and my friend are having. It's a clam-bake, sailor-attire, keg-a-PBR drinkin' shindig and I just got this from ebay.

You can't really tell but it's a customized captain's hat!! YESSS!!!

I also got my husband a sailor hat, we are going to write "Cabin Boy" on it. He's pretty excited. I also just scored this parrot ring that I will wear with the above hat at above mentioned party.

I mean really, how could I not have spent $3.50 on this baby????

If this all isn't enough for you guys, I forgot I also ordered some fun stuffs that was on sale, but because I live in the middle of the ocean, the stuff takes FOREVER to get here so I forget about it until the mail lady leaves it on my lanai.

Items such as these........

Well, technically not the gold head band, but the awesome old-man glasses. I hope to get my prescription lens put in but will have to take them to my Eye Doc. to see if he will do that....please keep your fingers crossed......

I also thought this T-Shirt was hilarious, a little outdated for the joke, but hilarious none-the-less. I hope to rock it on the golf course with my pink golf clubs and matching golf hat sooner rather than later. (For the record: The old Hawaiian guys always laugh when I rock up with my pink clubs and pink plaid golf hat but when they see my game, they ain't laughing so hard - suckas.)

Could be mistaken for beastiality but I ain't even gonna go there......

So - those are the fun stuffs this time around.

Heading to visit my family in a week on the mainland. Me mum doesn't have Internet at her house (She's so old-school, ay?) so I may not be able to write about all my Montana shenanigans, but many of you readers will be hanging out with me so that's even better!!

I will try to get one last shout-out in before I head to Mon-tucky.........