Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Whole New Me!

I haven't written since March 12th? DANG! I must have been busy!

Busy doing what you ask?

Busy losing 10 pounds!!!

Whoo - Hoo!!!!!!


Except for - that's the thing - it's the ONLY thing that does the trick!

Z and I started a cleanse March 1 that lasted 14 days. Nothing too crazy - you still got to eat but you gotta eat clean! No bread, dairy, sugar & alcohol and limited meat.

Click here if you want to see all about it! I highly recommend it - it's kinda pricey but so are hospital bills down the road.... and name-brand jeans.....and iphones..... so whatever.

I mean - I know I'm not obese or anything but I could stand to lose a solid 10 and now I will lose those last pesky pounds!! 

I already feel so much better!

It's fun! Plus I am back to my hour and a half/ 3 times a week yoga practice!


Z even commented on how he can tell the difference when I practice yoga and when I don't. 

Shit's true.

And then on my non-yoga days I have been working out with my friend/neighbor rotating threw Jillian Michaels DVDs.

Oh Jillian. I'll see you again soon.

I've also been into this whole cooking thing.


This was me.

I know!! We sorta had to revamp our cooking. I mean we don't eat that bad what's a meal without bread, cheese and wine? 

So far I've made: chicken veggie soup, coconut sweet potato stew, lamb ribs, vegan pesto, homemade bomb-ass salad dressing, turkey meat balls, kale chips etc.


I've been pouring over healthy cooking blogs and it's sorta like a whole new me!! 

Does anyone have a go-to healthy recipe they LOVE? Care to share??

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