Monday, March 12, 2012

GIrl Scout Dropout

So apparently it's the 100th Anniversary for the Girl Scouts of America this month.

And you know who was a Girl Scout?

Reese Witherspoon, Katie Couric, Dolly Parton, our old pal Martha Stewart, Taylor Swift

She has a flat stomach and all those badges? Betch!

Dakota Fanning.
She has more movies than badges - fair enough.

Yours Truly!


Seriously! Look at that 4th grade photo - rocking the G.S. outfit and accessories like a bad-bang, dimple-sporting, cookie-selling bad-ass!!

Truth be told. I hated Girl Scouts. I was only in it because my BFF C.Z. was in it AND Girl Scouts is a cheap babysitter. (Thanks, mom!)

Besides me and C.Z. all the other girls were kinda nerdy.  (I'm sorry if one of you is reading this but it was 1988 - we are kinda nerdy.) But I remember watching them like,"WTF am I doing here? I hate these outfits, I hate saying the dumb Girl Scout honor with my hand all up in the air, I hate arts and crafts, I hate cooking.  I remember trying to like it and have an "open-mind" because my mom wanted me to but I'm not sure I tried very hard.

I think the only badges I had were sports badges. They weren't even sewn onto my G.S. vest - we taped them on for ceremonies! I'm not even kidding! Do you see any badges on my vest in that picture? Nope, but if you look really close you might see some double sided tape residue!

My mom worked 7 days a week! She did not have time to sew stupid badges on my stupid vest. And I never earned my sewing badge so......... that was that.

I'm sure my G-ma could have sewed some on but like I said, I never really gave a shit.

And when it came time for cookie selling, my mom just took that ordering sheet to all her jobs and BAM! Cookie -Selling Badge! Never to make it on the vest either!

Mmmmmmm...... Girl Scout Cookies.......

Samoas = My favorite! 

Not to be confused with a Samoan......

I'll take either one, thanks!!
I LOVE me some Girl Scout Cookies!! I haven't purchased any this year which is going swimmingly with my plan to lose a few pounds!

I'm not knocking the Girl Scouts and all their 3.2 million members. I am sure they teach real values and cooking and whatever.

I was just never a real big fan.

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  1. Mmm Sonny Bill Williams. I was never a girl scout, I was however a Brownie. We had delicious pooh brown uniforms and I'm sure I never earned any badges other than an 'attendance' one lol!