Sunday, March 4, 2012

This is How We Do It!

Oh Hi!

Remember me? Author of Pretty Little Word Vomit?

I KNOW! I know!

 I was slammed last month with work - we catered 5 events in 7 days and that shit is CRAZY amounts of work, yo. And we also had other events throughout the month.

I was tired. Too tired to do much of anything else. (Like writing.)

And when I work at nights I don't see Z at all except for when he is sleeping. (He was sick for like 3 weeks with a bad sinus infection/bronchitis and slept in the extra bedroom the whole time anyway b/c his coughing was so bad and I was tired and NEEDED sleep.) So I basically felt single the whole month of February. Not really - but no snuggling + tons of working + bad weather on the islands = tired and frustrated me.

And bad weather + weddings = moving shit around, wind knocking down chandeliers in outside tents, moving tables and chairs under lanais, setting up a 60 person wedding plus reception and then having the bride just say she didn't want to do it in windy weather and then us having to take it all down - WTF??

Our weddings we do would make Martha Stewart jizz herself. Seriously - she would be so proud!

Seriously. Martha. Jizzing.

That's our  work. Those are our pictures.

My really good friend L started working with us and after her first event she gets in my car and exclaims, "I thought you said this job was easy!" Ha! It's easy to pass out appetizers and 4 course meals - what isn't easy is the setup and take down!! I forget since I've been doing it for so long it's like auto pilot!

But it's seriously fun to put all the tables together and make them look P.I.M.P. People are always in a good mood because they're in Hawaii..... on vacation..... at a wedding...... with free booze and super yummy free food!

But it's a lot of work from those of us that put these fancy-pants, Martha Stewarty weddings/events together.

So there you have it - my reason for only writing 1 blog last month.


Here's to a better writing month to me and you!

Fo Rizzles.

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