Monday, October 11, 2010

WTF? Molestache in the hizzie!!

Holy Shite! I have been working like a mother f-er. These past days I haven't seen my husband. (And only a little of my Boyfriend.) When I get home from work, Z is sleeping and when Z gets up, I am sleeping.

It sucks, but it's super good. Making some cash for when my parents come out next month!
When it rains, it pours, no?


When left unattended for too long; THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS!!! (After I got home at 1:30 in the morning, after a hell-asious catering gig.)

"Oh, hi babe! I know how much you love a good mustache - so I did this for you......"

Hell to the NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

My husband's lookin' kinda like a perv. But, on the other hand - it's HILARIOUS!!!

Reminds me of a cross between:

Matthew Mcconaughey in his best role ever!! (Not a bad thing, ladies, ay?)
Click on his name to see the one of thee best quotes in movie history.


Jason Lee in his not so best role ( Come on, guys, have you seen Almost Famous????)
But still super funny.

It's my own damn fault, being all mustache crazy.
But my love of a mustache extends only to mugs and jewelry, mostly because people keep lookin' at Z like he's gonna steal their kids and /or money.

But even with a bad stache - he still steals my heart.

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  1. Oh dear.

    Well, when my man grows his face hair, it's bright red, and people want to wipe it off for him.