Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beers and Books


Broke down and had a beer - or 2 - at dinner with some friends on Friday night. After 2 weeks and 6 yoga classes I had lost a whole whopping pound.
I thought it would at least be 3 but alas, I am a mere 1 pound lighter..... although that was not the reason for my self-evoked dry out, I thought weight loss would be an added bonus. It's okay - the Wailua Wheat (aka. Lilikoi Goodness) was soooooo worth the slight pang of guilt. Delicious!

I also have a job interview to be an "educational assistant" at one of the middle schools here on the 'ole island. Yack! Middle Schoolers - me no likes. I mean, not individual middle schoolers; just middle schoolers as a whole, in general.

What a frickin HORRIBLE age. Everyone is worried about what everyone else is thinking about them when really everyone is ugly and gangly - even the so-called Hot Ones are u-g-l-y. I'm serious, try to picture your 7th grade crush - not so cute anymore huh? (Sorry Cory, Matt, John and Andy!) It's all new, weird hair in weird places, growth spurts, training bras, braces, periods and girls being super mean to other girls.

Ryan Seacrest in his u-g-l-y years!

Should be a fun place to work at.

Maybe they'll only need "educational assistants" for gym class or the library.......

P.S. On that note: I don't understand why people steal books from the library. STOP IT! (I know you have to have something to say about this my Librarian Buddy!) It has been 2 books now in 2 weeks that I have wanted to check out and they come up "not on shelf" or something like that - which means, I'm assuming, that someone just walked out with them! Why, when it's FREE to take home and read??? Karma is a bitch you little book-takers! Now I have to go and buy "Are you there Vodka? It's me Chelsea" from Borders. Maybe I'll donate it to the library so others may enjoy Chelsea Handler's wit and charm!

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