Friday, February 25, 2011

To Sir Elton with Love

What does one half of my voice + one teeny headache + two sore legs =


We went to see Sir Elton John last night and believe me when I tell you that man was put on this earth to be a performer!

No Shit.

He's on his "Greatest Hits Tour." So we knew all the words and there was plenty of beer and lots o' dancin'!!

The people behind us were not feelin' the dancin' so much and after they kept telling us to sit down I turned around and said to that party-pooper-fat-lady, "If you wanted to watch Elton John sitting down, then you should have rented his DVD."

Which promptly got me a high five from the man (With A CANE!!) dancing next to me (With A CANE!!)

Now, I normally am not one to snap at strangers (just at those I love dearly) but COME ON LADY!!!! IT'S TINY DANCER!!!


I will most certainly NOT be sitting down AND I will most certainly NOT be using my "inside voice."

After the song ended, I felt bad about my quick tongue and thought maybe she's too big to stand up for extended periods of time (which isn't my fault, it's probably Krispy Kreme's fault) BUT I made the decision to move to the sides where my fellow dancers were accruing.

This move attracted "instant karma" because as we were walking/singing/sloshing our beers to our new spot we saw this man who has a crush on my husband (yes, you read that right!) and he works at this concert venue and he gave us 2 tickets in the 10th row!

So we went from General Seating with bleachers and grass to actual chairs and you could see E.J. really good. It was then I noticed his purple jacket with the sequined mermaid on the back. Pure Awesomness.

The crowd was a bit lame-o there too, so we went back to the dancing area until "Crocoldile Rock" and then we could see everyone up and at 'em in the 10th row so we ran back to those seats and danced close to Elton for the remaining time.

It was fantastic.

Kinda like this dope-ass coffee cup my friend bought me
which I drank my beer from throughout the night.

Elton and I are classy like that.

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  1. I'm impressed you were able to hang on to that mug.