Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guess Who's Back. Back. Back. Back Again.

I'm here! I'm here!

I will not rant about how FRICKING BUSY I have been and how it's kinda been fun because I'm working with my friends but geez-louise how the days just all blend into one another and how one of my goods friend's due date was on one of the BUSIEST week of my life and OMG she's going into labor and OMG she was in labor for like 38 hours or was it 46 never-mind it was LONG and then we were all waiting for the moment we could head up to the hospital and meet the newest lady of the group, meanwhile I'm on my 5th 10-hour-day in a row and am dreaming of my work so then it doesn't even feel like I left god I hate that shit and did I mention I'm Editor-in-Chief of this really cool magazine and it's HARD-ASS WORK and maybe we will be posting it online in hopes we will get paid to do it one day (instead of advertisers almost-not-really paying for the printing) and then baby Loli Rian is here I just want to stare at her and hold her and this has me pushing Z away because she is so perfect she might just make me cave and have a baby sometime soon and then how the hell would I have a baby and get EVERYTHING else done and OMG my house is a complete bachelor pad and we are drinking water out of coffee mugs because there is not a single clean glass and we are knee deep in dog hair and now I have 10 loads of laundry to do because Z just sold his first wooden surfboard he built and now all he can do/think/jack-off about is building more and yeah I said jack-off - calm down - and then I cleaned the house for like 9 hours and then finally got to eat some Ahi Sashmi and drink a glass of wine and then I felt all better.

Do we need some Snoop Dog to calm us all down?



This one is for a certain MT lady who is a loyal reader....
but I may have to doubt her and my cousin's sincerity because I do not believe they have
 TAKEN THE TIME TO BECOME ACTUAL FOLLOWERS....ahem, Butte Beauties.... Imma talkin' to you!

Wow - I feel so much better!

Enough of the ranting. Geez it even extended to photo-captions - I'm on a roll ladies and gentlemen....

But I am back and I am ready to unfold some glorious word-vomiting all over you just as soon as I lay on my couch for the remainder of this day......

Except my robe is white and I am way more tan than her and
I would never have a brown couch. Ewe.

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