Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fun Stuffs (The Third)

I wanted to let you know that my mustache affinity has not wavered. (Remember when it seemed I could not write a blog without mentioning a mustache and/or Snoop Dogg? )

Here are a few Fun Stuffs that I have made, bought, gotten either as gifts or given as gifts...... because what's my motto about mustaches? "Never. Not. Funny."

That's right.

Feeling the Christmas Cheer - in style.
Here are some mugs I made for my ladies and my mustache necklace handmade by the middle lady. Her and the other beauty on the left (as well as another fabulous friend) own this shop. Check it out!!

Have you seen anything cuter??

This is my favorite bathroom accessory. Although these are those annoying hand towels that one must never use, just look at. The danky, non-cute  hand towel to dry one's hands with is hanging by the sink. (Just FYI incase you have to take a deuce at mi casa. Okay?)

Pure Awesomeness.
I totally made this. Okay, lie. I totally sanded this and painted it and the nails.  Z actually cut it out. But I do have to say it's probably the coolest necklace holder on this island. Duh.

The best.
This is my wallet and if I had a dollar for everyone who wanted to see it, I could afford a nicer wallet. (Just Kidding.) But it tis true. Man, I love this.

Wait,  it does get cuter than non-usable yellow hand towels.
My friend is about to have a baby girl and I can not wait to see Miss L in this onesie. UGH I LOVE IT!

Fo' Real.
I got this for my husband on Valentine's Day and he read it out loud like this,"We go together like mustaches and crepes." He read creeps like crepes  - the things French people eat that are like pancakes but not like pancakes? So he totally didn't get it. 
What a creep.  

Rainbow Staches!!
Truth be told - I probably have only used the top three since I am so lazy.... poor purple Texas-stache!

So there is your Mustachio Fix for awhile!!  

A bit excessive? Maybe. 

Always funny? For sure.


  1. woops i just peed in my pants a little! what z said when he read the card is SO funny!

    your neighbor

  2. Live it. It's the first blog I've read that has inspired me. Easy to read and amusing charm. Sweet