Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kill It, Stuff It and Stick 'Er Up on the Wall........ BEER!!!!!

Hey y'all!

Imma writin' this from the good ole' state of Montana.  So Imma guessin' you could call this a "travel blog" or somethin'...

Just Kidding.

But tis true  - I thought I would sneak in a little word vomit - Montana style.

You know what I fuckin' love about this place? (Besides my mom and family and friends and the mountains and wild flowers and clean air.)

You see shit like this in all our watering holes!!! (Sorry about the crap pixels but they're from my phone so I had to blow them up a bit.)

Nothing says BEER like a dead head on the wall -
be it a moose or a bison or an elk.

Or an antelope (?) or a big ass trout.....BEER!!!!!!!

Why is this bear interested in that honey....
there's like 50 bucks on this wall -
grab the cash and buy yourself that shit from the store, buddy.
No nasty bee stings necessary!

No Duh.

Seriously you guys - how can you not LOVE a place like this!!??!

So the reason why I am here and didn't mention anything about it before is because it was a surprise for my mom for Mother's Day and guess what - I KEPT IT A SECRET!!!!

"She kept her big mouth shut for once."
"Holy Shit. Hell just froze over."

I know!!!!!!!!  

And ya know what else? Secret keeping is so fun! (My mom totally shat herself when I walked in. WINNING!!!!)

But don't worry - that's where the secret-keeping ends, buddies. How else would I be able to write on here if I didn't lay out all my shit??

Coming up soon - when I get back to the islands - more lost solez.... thank you to all who are keeping their eyes out and have sent me some pics!! I have found some GEMS here.....

(Have you seen any?? Make sure to take a picture and email them to me at Let me know where they are from and your name or alias!!)

Oh wait - here's one more secret you can pass on.....

Same goes for Hawaii.....

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