Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lost Solez II


Welcome to the second installment of Lost Solez!!! (If you missed the first one click here.) 

I've been getting lots of help from my REAL friends - so to all you ELSE out there who haven't sent me anything but have seen a lost sole and didn't take action - that was meant for YOU and it was meant to HURT YOUR FEELINGS so next time you will HAVE to turn around and take the FRICKING picture because you will be thinking about how much we are friends - even if we are just blog friends - and about how much you want to be a part of this really cool project and about how cool I am and how pretty I am and about how.........

Maliko Gulch, Hawaii                                   Sam Howard

Haiku, Hawaii                         Melea M  

Hana Highway, Hawaii                     T-Dubya

Kahului, Hawaii                                    T-Dubya

Lewistown, Montana           Stacy & Tayler 

 *Bonus Picture*

Great Falls, Montana                    T-Dubya

There are plenty more where these came from. so if your lost sole isn't up here yet - not to worry - it will be!! But I would love more from all of you. My goal with this is to beg/plead/sell my soul/whore myself out to my editor to make a coffee table book..... So if you want to be a part of this awesomeness than keep your eyes peeled and take the picture!!

But let me refresh you with the rules just one more time......

#1.  You can't rig up some fake-ass picture, like throwing your old-balls shoe out the door and snapping a picture. (Where's the fun in that?) Which leads me to rule #2.
#2.  So no touching, moving, positioning, spit shining of the lost sole is allowed - you gotta take the pictures organically, as it is, some pictures are just going to be boring and some will be fantastic - this is life.
#3. If you see something really picture worthy that's not a lost sole but just as funny and random then I will accept those as well for the *Bonus Picture* portion of our program - maybe it's a sock, maybe it's a funny sign, whatever - let's keep shit spicy - this is life.

Please email me your pictures to or send me a text if you know my phone number and your name or alias and the town/state/country they came from! 

And if this book really happens and I become a millionaire - I will fly you out to see me....... maybe...... but only if you think I'm pretty.


  1. Tia - I saw some lost pantz the other day and thought of you.

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