Thursday, December 1, 2011

Adventures with Dentures

We returned last week from our inter-island vacation for Turkey Day. I love seeing all the other islands that make Hawaii. Each is so unique from the other.

And it's always nice to "get off the rock" even if it's to go to another "rock".

Especially when there's wine involved!


There was also friends, food, surfing and volcanos. The usual Thanksgiving things.

Good times in volcanic steam vents with C, B, Z and me!

There was also much talk about dentures.

I don't recall how it got brought up - but once someone has a story about dentures it seems everyone has a story about dentures, am I right?

My G-ma - whose stories have made this blog more than once -  let me brush her dentures when I was little.  I know she claims she "doesn't remember" this. (DENIAL! Am I right?)  But I remember! It's one of my favorite moments with her. I don't know why they weren't cemented in her mouth -  sorta like G-ma's friend, Evelyn, remember? But maybe she had just gotten them or gotten an upgrade? (Dentures 5.0) But the top one's were not in her mouth and she let me brush them while she held them. I remember really wanting to hold them but those chompers were probably not cheap so I took the next best thing and brushed them for her. It was awesome.

Let me brush them!!

My friend, C, then told me about his Grandma, whom we affectionately call Hula Nanny. (The reason for this is a great, great picture of Hula Nanny which I will get my hands on and put up on this blog asap.)
So C told Hula Nanny that he wanted her dentures when the time comes that she passes away and Hula Nanny agreed.  This is awesome to me for 2 reasons: he wants his G-ma's fake teeth and that she is totally down to give them to him. That's some family love right there. 

Maybe if C collects enough he could make this necklace?

And then my girl, B, told us that when her Grandma, MaryMom, passed away her dying wish was to have B make sure her dentures were in at the funeral so she would look presentable. This is too great. As are all MaryMom's stories.  One of my favorite being that MaryMom used to stand on her porch and wave like the Queen of England as B and her family were driving away.

Man, I wish I could have met MaryMom.
Aren't Grandparents just the best?

Any Denture Adventure stories of your own? Care to share?


  1. Grandparents are the best! I love my grandma so much that, even though she's wearing dentures now, her smile still cheers me up whenever I feel sad. =)

  2. Our grandparents’ smile is worth a thousand words, especially if we still see them with complete pearly white teeth, am I right? I remember every time my grandmother smiles at me, it seems like she doesn't have any problems anymore. :)