Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I's an Add-ult.

So there has been a lot of things happening lately.

A lot of things that have me feeling like an adult.

Yes - I know I am technically an adult but because we don't have kids (the thought still makes me wince a little) nor do we own a home (yeah - because house prices in Hawaii are Super De-Duper Affordable right now, er ever, er never) then there really are few things that make me feel like a real-life adult.

Like being married should make me feel like an adult but I've been with Z for almost 10 years - I can't even remember what it was like to not be half of our whole.

So marriage doesn't really count.

I do drive a nice-ish car. But it's not paid for by any means.

Ax that too.

I do love a glass of wine on a pretty regular basis.

True Dat.
This clearly makes me an adult.

Also I recently purchased these: they all scream ADULT! ADULT! YOU'RE OFFICIALLY AN ADULT! to me.

Le Creuset Lovin'!

I've wanted me some Le Creuset for a long time now. I would look at the Williams Sonoma catalog like a porn addict looks at Penthouse - dreaming to caress one of these babies, to get her all hot and eat from her...(Wait - too much? Sorry.)

Anyways, I got an email from my friends at Williams Sonoma about a Mother's Day Special where she was 40% off plus free shipping and I treated me to one - I figured I was a mom to Boyfriend and that counts, no? She's so pretty that I have been keeping her on the counter because I can't bare the thought of her in our danky cupboards with the rest of our riff raft pots and pans, not to mention cockroaches and spiders. No way -  not my precious girl!

My friend named her Le Creuset - I think we should name ours too. Maybe Precious. 

Or maybe not.

I've also purchased these items.

Real Leather, ya'll!!

Yes - this is my first REAL adult leather purse that I paid some bucks for. I'm not a Coach or Louis Vuitton kinda gal - but I feel like a grown-up with this purse. And the wallet. I usually just carry a fabric clutch with my ID and Debit Card thrown in (or better yet when I was in college and smoked cigarettes (ewe!) i used to just put my ID and cash in the cellophane wrapping of the cigi box - man I was classy!) but as I'm getting older I have business cards and Z's business cards and stamp cards and whatever that I need handy. Isn't this a sure sign of adult hood, you guys?

Which leads me to the ULTIMATE in adult-hood purchases........the mama jamma..... the creme de la creme.....nothing screams adult like this!!!

Ta Da!!
My very own laptop...... FOR WORK!!!! That's the adult part - that last part - FOR WORK!!!! I am now social-media-coordinating for 3 local businesses and it was a pain having my work photos in with our regular photos. Plus everyone always goes on and on about how great it is to work from home - and IT IS BUT it's also great to work from a coffee shop or outside (Which is where I am right now, in a bikini, getting my tan & blog on!) without those dirty dishes and laundry and un-walked Boyfriends staring at you in the face!

Plus - I will be off-island for 6 weeks (more on that later) so this way I can still a Grown-Up.....whilst away from home!! 

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