Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Your Fro-Yo is Showing

Yesterday I went to the mall with my friend R.

I will be heading off to San Francisco in early June and own exactly one sweater. Which will simply NOT due for 10 days. I thought I would see what I could find on the sale racks and off we went.

While shopping she asked me if I wanted to get some Frozen Yogurt. I am not really a fan of ice cream but I will get down on some fro-yo every now and again.

Not to be confused with FRO-NO!!

I haven't actually been to any frozen yogurt places in like 10 years so imagine my child-like enthusiasm when I saw all of this!!

So. Many. Options.

So. Many. Toppings.

Seriously? Seriously?
What have I been missing, you guys???? Are Z and I the only ones that haven't gotten the Fro-Yo Memo??


So I was a little overwhelmed but decided on Coconut Yogurt and went from there.

I was severely overwhelmed by the topping choices and R is a purest and chooses to eat her frozen yogurt plain.

I know, right?
So she was no help. (But I still luv her!) I chose graham cracker crust sprinkles and a hit of mini chocolate chips. 

Nothing too crazy.

But then I began thinking about all the options one could pile on top. Let's be real - the bowls they give you are huge and you know some people load that shit up!

I had this urge to stand at the cash register and take a bite of everyones dishes as they were paying.

But I'm not a fan of a thousand flavors at one time - so I would have to pass on every taste-test with the teenagers.


Double Yuck.

I think one's fro-yo says a lot about someone.

I would NEVER put candy and fruit together! Nor would I put anything gummy in there because it gets all cold and sticks to your teeth.

Z would probably put mostly all fruit in his  - pineapple, lychee and kiwis or some other combo and then put a sprinkling of gummy bears on top.  Blah.

I think my mom would just get a chocolate almond mocha frozen yogurt and sprinkle oreo on top. She's like me - a little crazy but not too crazy.

My G-ma would probably be like the above pictures - she'd be all in!! Cause she all sortsa cray cray! Just like my BFF! Al would put mini M &Ms, gummy bears, little pieces of cake and top that shit off with some sprinkles - which is why I love both of them so.

They should make fortune cookie sayings for frozen yogurt cups.

No toppings: You are a purest and have great self-control. Maybe you should loosen up, get a little crazy and throw some chocolate sauce on that bitch.
Some toppings: You know what you like and are very reliable. Maybe you should stop being a control-freak and think outside the box.
Most or All the toppings: You live life like it's your last day. Maybe you should grow up and not eat all that nasty shit in one sitting.

I'm totally kidding.  I LOVE my man and R and my G-ma and my BFF and DO NOT judge them on how they eat their Frozen Yogurt. 

Nor would I with you guys.

So I want to know your favorite combos. Cause I'm the "Some Toppings" and need to "Think Outside the Box". ;)  

Care to Share??

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  1. Froyo is my love. I'm the same way, fruit and candy do not mix. I'm a mango yogurt with raspberries and peaches kinda gal or chocolate with cookie dough, brownies and cheesecake depending on my mood. I need some froyo stat.