Thursday, June 7, 2012

Off Like A Prom Dress

Z and I are off on a little adventure!

10 days in San Francisco and surrounding areas (Pacifica, SONOMA!!) and then to Montana!

I'm really looking forward to seeing California. I've really never hung out there - and neither has Z - I feel like we are the only ones in the whole world that haven't been to the sunshine state (Except for airports.)

Annnnnnd that's about all I know about CA.

I also know that I am super jacked to go to Sonoma County - and my mom and step-dad are coming to meet us there!! Wine AND mi mama?? What more could I ask for??

And we are going to a Giants baseball game - something I also have not ever done - gone to a professional baseball game.  (Even after playing softball for a decade of my life!) 

I'll probably be wearing these.

THEN a couple of my two favorite friends are coming to visit us in Montana for some good ole' country shenanigans!!  I am beyond excited to show them my beloved MT!!

And then to top it all off - my bestest most bestest friend is coming to Montana too!

So - I am super stoked and ready to get off the rock for a little bit!!


Hopefully I will be seeing a lot of you very soon!

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