Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Christmas Mystery

"What is this?" You're silently thinking to yourself. "Two posts in one week?"

Yup - tis' the season after all you guys, so here's my Christmas present to you - another post! Just Kidding - but that's right - I've had 3 days off this week! Yay!

And the BEST thing happened to me yesterday. I went to check the mail and there was: 3 Christmas cards, 2 checks for my book and a MUSTACHE KEYCHAIN!! But - there was no note from the sender of this perfect little gift.

I asked most of my friends last night at a cookie-making shindig I attended but no one 'fessed up. And I, having just watched Sherlock Holmes the other night with Z, have dubbed this the "Mustache Mystery."

"I would say, Dear Watson, that we have a real mystery on our hands..."

Here are the facts:

1. The envelope the gift was sent in was addressed to the name I published my book under. No, I don't have a writing-alias nor I did I publish under a ghost-writer name. I chose to publish my book using my maiden name as my middle name because it's very unique, it was the name I grew up with and the name I went to Journalism School with and to be honest - this whole married name thing still weirds me out, even after 6 years with a different last name!
P.S. The reason I don't just type out my whole entire name to prove this point is because I would HATE to have someone google my name to buy my Children's Book and this blog pops up sprayin' swear words and lovin' up on Snopp Dogg, ya digg??
2. It was sent to me directly from the person who handmade this keychain from the greatest website ever: Etsy.com. Remember when I blogged about it?
3. The maker of the mustache keychain is Canadian. (This doesn't really matter but 'tis a fun filled fact never-the-less.)
4. It looks fantastic on my keychain.

Here are my conclusions:

1. This person has either paid for a book with a check or maybe even paypal. Because how else would they know my address?
2. It would have had to have been sent from someone who reads my blog or knows me personally. How else would someone know of this fondness I have for the 'stashe?
3. He or she has impeccably good taste.
4. My plan for this blog is working: Free Gifts from adoring fans. Please allow me to give you a direct link to Etsy.com. Type in the word mustache and buy and send them all to me.

Just kidding. But seriously.

"A Thousand Thank You's to the Mystery Mustache Sender!!"

You have made me so, so Happy!

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