Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lost Solez da 4th

So in continuing with my "birthday month theme" I am going to add another session of Lost Solez with little gifts from all of you!

Kihei, Hawaii                                Natalie N.

Havre, Montana                                                 My G-MA!! 

Chicago, Illinois                                                  Ally

Kihei, Hawaii                                Eileen E.

Bozeman, Montana                                   Ginger Terry

*Bonus Picture

San Luis Obispo, California                      Lori Kershaw 

Thank you again for joining the Lost Solez Team! It's so fun and there are many, many more pix!!  

So please keep them coming!!  (And for those of you that "see" them and then DON'T TAKE A PICTURE but "think of me" - and no I'm not talking to ONE of you, I'm talking to ALL of you who say this to me...)  Stop fucking breaking my heart, grab your phone, get out of the car, look like an asshole who takes pictures of old-balls shoes, explain to your friend (and/or people who come over to see what the hell you are looking at) what you are doing and then send the picture to me via text or via

It truly makes my day/week/year.

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