Monday, July 11, 2011

Random Facts of the Fifth Kind

You know what you guys?  I haven't done a Random Fact blog entry since December. (Well if you don't count Boyfriend's Random Facts.)

Crazy Wack Funky. Okay.....

30. I once had my name written in Sharpie on a bathroom wall.

Okay this wasn't it - but it's Fucking Hilarious none-the-less!

In 7th-grade someone (I have a sneaking suspicion I know who did this and she may even be reading this blog - but don't worry- I ain't mad at cha!) wrote a list entitled "The Top 5 Bitches of East Middle School" and I, my dear friends, was number 3 or 4. I can't really remember but I DO remember thinking, "Well, thank Gawd I'm not number one, Bitches!!"

31. I played softball for 10 years. It is a time I think back on with really good memories. It totally shaped who I am. I played centerfield and LOVED it. Even made the All-Star team every summer, lettered my Freshman year of high school and LOVED my teammates. It's so important to be part of something bigger than you. (Thank you Mom for shoving a huge mitt on my hand and shoving me out of the car to my first practice when I was a mere 7-years-old and was wondering WTF I was supposed to be doing?!)

32. I have arranged my book shelf in rainbow colors and I totally love it! People come over and see it and think I'm crazy but it's totally great and it's totally my favorite wall of my house....

Tell me this isn't the cutest??

33. Speaking of Middle School - I used to only use Grape or Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers. This kid in my art class used to eat them, which I thought was super disgusting.

34.  Speaking of Middle School - I have the same hair comb from like, the 6th-grade, no joke.  It has gone with me on countless camping trips, life in other countries, concert festivals, relatives' houses, college, summer camps, sleep-overs, etc. How crazy is that? And I've never gotten another one because I've never had to! Ha!

35.  This song makes me want to be a song writer - which I've never given much thought to but now, after hearing this, I may have to give it a think!

Click Here To Hear

36.  I never set my alarm clock to end with a 0 or a 5. It's always at like 7:02 or 8:28.


37.  My birthday is July 18.  And I am a summer baby.  This is a fact.  But to all my Australian and New Zealand mates (I'm lookin' at you Z....) I am a winter baby.  Also, unacceptable.

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