Friday, July 1, 2011

Lost Solez the Third

I thought we should start my birthday month (Notice the new mustache pic in honor of July?) with a bang.

The third installment of Lost Solez!!

These are all little gifts given to me from YOU!

Paia, Hawaii                          Whitney & Loli

Hwy 15, Montana                  My Mama

La Perouse, Hawaii                            My Husband

Poli Poli, Hawaii      Chelsea & Linda
(It's right at the base of the Buddha Log!)

Missoula, Montana    Ally & Davey Ray Romance

*Bonus Picture

Missoula, Montana                  Cat & Ally 
There are many more pix from many more of you - so no worries if you don't have yours up yet - it will be!!

And seriously, it's my birthday month, so all I want from you is more lost solez!  Email me at or just straight up text a girl!

Yay July!!


  1. Shut it that I didn't see this until today.

  2. I was wondering where u were?!?! Haha!