Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Older Sucks

So the reason why I have been away for a while is because I'm fucking old and threw my back out.

Minus the farts (sometimes)

Last Monday I was at work and I went to pick up a butter knife or something stupid and I could not stand back up..... or sit down..... for a solid 10 minutes. I was hunched over like a 207-year-old lady. I was trying not to cry/cuss/panic while my two homegirls were trying to calm me down/not laugh/set up a wedding for 45 people.

Shit sucked.

AND I had to continue to try to cater that wedding all the while not being able to carry anything heavier than a vodka soda or salad plate. I was a real help.


So I was laid out for an entire week - laying prone on my living room floor with my feet up on a chair alternating between ice packs and heating pads. I watched way too many movies/biography channel/Mad Men episodes. My brain literally felt like mush.  

My view for almost 3 days straight.
At least Boyfriend was there to help ease his mama's pain!

Anyway - god bless massage therapists!!  I'm feeling better after being rubbed down by my massage therapist man. (I am not going to go into how awkward it SHOULD have felt that I was completely naked with a man in a little room that was NOT my husband, while he was rubbing my ass and sacrum because it felt SO GOOD to feel NORMAL again that it didn't even matter. He was so knowledgeable and so not-my-type that I didn't even care when he "probably"' saw my vajayjay. Whateves.)

So I'm back!!! And feeling about 85% better, but I'm not sure how much longer I can sit in this crappy computer chair. 

I did want to share with you what my awesome friend brought me during my laid-out-on-the-living-room-floor days.

She knows how to make a girl feel better!!
And here's another one of my girls on her vacation in CA!! She was at a salon where the owner sewed her own mustache pillows! 

Mustache Pillow Love
And then I got a little heads up about these new Toms from a reader (Thanks K.B.!) which I should probably own, no? (Remember when I blogged about my other Toms?  They should just be sending me free shit by now!! )

I couldn't screen grab them to put them on here so please click on the link and maybe do some holiday shopping? Remember: Toms gives a pair of shoes to a needy child with every pair of shoes bought! I love this idea. The shoes are super-de-dooper comfortable. Plus Tom is kinda hot.

*I'm a size 8 in case anyone is wondering! ;)

They would probably do this back a little good.

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