Monday, January 17, 2011

The Mystery Continues....

The best thing happened.... again.

I get back from my mini vacation and go to my mail box and THIS was in a little package, waiting for me.

The awesome ring pictured - not the awesome dog pictured.

Again, no note. No nothing.

The Mysterious Mustache Sender(s) Strike(s) again!!

Here are the facts:

1. It was, again, addressed to the name I published my book under.
2. It was, again, from the greatest website ever Seriously, check it out!!
3. I freakin' LOVE the color pink. Not in the "I love pink because I'm a sorority girl or 4-years-old kinda way." But the "isn't this so obnoxious AND it's pink kinda way."
4. I freakin' LOVE glitter. (I think I used to be a god damn crow in my past life. I can NOT not look at something shiny, or not NOT want something shiny or glittery. "Must touch/buy/want/nag my husband incessantly about shiny, glittery thing." It's my mantra.

Take my favorite pair of Toms for instance.
(You know when you buy a pair of these shoes - not all colors are glittery, but then what's the point? - they donate a pair to a chid in need - just F.Y.I.

Here are my conclusions:

1. It may or may not be the same sender. I don't care either way - I'm stoked for fun little surprises in the mail!
2. Again, he or she has impeccable taste!
3. The plan is INDEED working for this blog - FREE GIFTS! FREE GIFTS!

So yay!


*At the time of publication - the author of this blog may or may not have been told the identity of one or multiple party sender or senders of aforementioned mustache gift. Said author may or may not have wanted to keep this charade going in hopes that more mustache gifts will come in the mail. Also, said author is not held responsible or libel for false hopes being crushed that the aforementioned Mustache Mystery may or may not be solved.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm. Could it have been you? That would be my first thought if this happened to me. "When did I buy this?" haha.
    Where are my bird gifts? I have blog stalker gift envy.