Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rain Boots Rule!!!

It's been raining for like 3 days in a row here on this Hawaiian Island.  It's funny when people who live here complain about the rain.

I always think 3 things:

1.  You live in a tropical RAIN forest. It's going to f-ing rain. So pull your rain-soaked panties up and deal with it.
2.  You complain when it's too dry and this luscious land looks like South Dakota. Not very good for tourist-season. If people wanted to see South Dakota then they................... are crazy.
3.  At least it ain't snow.  And if it ain't snow then you have NOTHING to complain about in my book so shut yo face up.

I love the rain. I love to read in the rain, sleep in the rain, "snuggle" with Z in the rain, write in the rain, whistle in the rain. Blink in the rain. (You get the point.)

Especially since my mom scored me these beauties from Target!!

That's Right!!! My Missonis Bitches!!

You see - because Montana is in the middle of nowheresville and the style there is.... shall we say..... LIMITED.... my mom totally scored these when the whole "Missoni Target Shennanigans" were going on. Straight-up like 2 weeks after all the other Targets in the entire universe sold out of their Missoini items and the Target website crashed, my mom waltzes into our Target in G-funk and scores these! In a size women's 8 no-less!!  Ha!! But she sneakily told me they didn't have any but mailed them to me so when I opened my package these were in there! THE BEST!!

I wanted these because it's been awhile since I had a pair. I had this pair that I LOVED when we lived in Vermont on that farm. I hard-core rocked them for months at a time but for the past 5 years they have been MIA.


I LOVED these. Never mind I was 24 and had to jam my foot into the biggest big-kid size they made.  Never mind one of the straps broke because it wasn't made for a grown-ass adult to pull on. These made my 7 AM & 7 PM feedings of sheep, dogs, chickens and that mean ass rooster, Ozzie, (remember my chicken-coop saga?) bare-able.

They made me happy.

They made me EXTREMELY happy one day when I was walking into the post office.
I hear this little boy shouting, "Hey! Gurl!" I keep walking because I'm 24, obviously I am not a "gurl."
But he shouts again, "Hey!!! Gurrrrlllll!!"

I look over and he's holding his mom's hand. He's probably 5 and he points down with his other free hand at his green froggy boots and goes, "We got da' same boots!!" with so much excitement in his little voice. His mom starts laughing and I'm like, "Right on!" He nods like he totally gets it. 

Like we were Froggy Boot Soul Mates. 

Pretty Much 

I just hope the next woman I see rocking my same Missonis will have that much excitement in HER voice! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.......

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