Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No Job = No Bueno

So, thought I would explore the world of "all things blog" earlier today. I was trying to find other blogs that I would like to follow and ended up clicking on a bunch of shit that made me follow my own.

So now people are going to think I am a complete narcissist... but the reality is I am a complete computer-retard.


It has been decided that after the 10th try for a job on this island and not even a call back for an interview...... should I even mention my Journalism degree, 2 years of managing a restaurant, and a plethora of certifications including, but not limited to National Academy of Sports Medicine, Children's Institute of Literature and AED/CPR certifications (which is just a handy-dandy thing to have all around) that I am not going to get looked at because my last name isn't Kalualau or Hana'ainaina or Aloha or whatever Hawaiian-ish sounding word you can think of.


Fine - I will just write my ass off and try to break into a little freelance proofreading. I wonder if Facebook needs a proofreader? Seriously, it takes all of me not to correct people's profile status updates. Like I literally have to sit on my hands for 15 seconds until the presumptuous/asshole-ly sensation passes.

It's only the really obvious spelling mistakes which get to me. (I know we ALL make mistakes - I am not claiming to be perfect.) But COME ON PEOPLE!!!! This is the kind of shit that makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Didn't anyone pay attention in English class??

ie. "Your so cute!" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - it's You're so cute. COME ON!!!!!!! You are = you're. Basic third grade contractions!!!!!!!

2. "I like this to." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - it's too. Too = also. Dumbass.

C. "Friday dinner sounds like fun, Sherry. I'll meet you at there house!" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - it's their. Their shows ownership. DUH!

That shit makes my blood boil and I want to "un-friend" them immediately if not sooner.

I was recently reading a good book and I noticed, very casually because I am reading for pleasure, 8 mistakes! EIGHT - in a published novel and I wasn't even TRYING to find them???And I'm not talking about some self-published-I-can't get-an-editor-to-read-my-shitty-book published novel but a real-life novel.

There is a process in publication that no less than four sets of eyes will proofread a book. That's eight eyeballs that dropped the proverbial ball on this man's book - which he probably spent a lot of blood, sweat and tears writing!!!

I have half a mind to correct the damn thing in bright red ink and send it back to the publisher along with my resume...... Shoot - I may be proofreading books on the beach for a living in no time!!!

Take that Mr. Ko'omanumanu!


  1. I have to say you hit the nail on the head here. I have the same feelings about people's misspellings and misuse of contractions. Drives me nuts. I have just started blogging as well, although I blog about food. But, hopefully soon I will blog about my second round of weight loss. I hope you enjoy blogging, I have enjoyed reading your posts. Have fun 'blog lurking'. It's an actual sport. :)

  2. Oh gee. Please don't read my blog. haha it's bound to be full of the above mentioned mistakes, because I am vague, and a little stupid. haha. (p.s it's not better looking than yours at all. Yours is pink! You can't go worng with pink!) xxx

  3. A mutual friend of ours turned me on to your blog here and, honestly, I just can't get enough!! A job better than well done! I've read several entries thus far, but this one speaks to me the most; I also studied journalism back in the day, and am obsessed with all things grammar & writing related. You're an inspiration, and I wish you the best of luck finding a job that suits your smarts!!

    P.S. - I've publicly related (my newest phrase) your blog to my FB world. =)