Sunday, February 28, 2010

OCD and Tsunamis don't mix.

Well, I learned one hell of an interesting fact about myself yesterday.

My OCD-ness is in FULL form when faced with the threat of a natural disaster.

For those of you who spent Saturday living under a rock, Hawaii had it's first full on tsunami warning in 16 years. And yours truly slept through the first warning sirens (Do you have ANY idea how loud those things are??) and the three phone calls and the four text messages from concerned loved ones.......
but I still don't feel like the biggest idiot because my husband (Love you so much honey!) tried to go surfing!! Like it was just another frickin' Saturday! The cop politely told him to get his dumb ass home and stock up on water and canned food because the power might be out for up to a week!

Shit. I sleepily turned on the news and saw all these islanders already up the mountain sides, people were being evacuated from low lying hotels, homes and businesses. Costco was already out of water and rice, they were going to shut down the water and sewer systems at 11:00. It didn't look good......

I had about 3 hours to get my everything in order.

Although we didn't have anything too pressing to worry about (like our lives) because we live about 350+ feet above sea level, I did go into panic-mode about how dirty my house was and how I needed to wash about four loads of laundry and not to mention I hadn't showered in like two days or shaven my legs for like a week. And I probably should try to take a poop because who knows when I can do that again (apparently we have a septic system so that wasn't even a big deal- who knew?)!!

Z (My Husband) called me to tell he was standing in line for ice and canned goods and I told him I was vacuuming.

"VACUUMING?????" Z asked.

"Well, yeah. I CAN NOT live in a dirty house for the next week. And then I have to wash the dirty dishes, our bed sheets and towels and take a hot shower and shave these man legs of mine."

"You're crazy." Z said.

"You tried to surf when there was a fucking tsunami," I answered.

And the sad fact is, he may have won that one.

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