Friday, May 7, 2010

Random Facts 2.0

11. Although I do not eat meat, I am a very good eater and like most food. The one thing I can not stand to eat, smell or even think about is - warm fruit. ( You can't see me but I just gagged.) I. REALLY. Hate. Warm. Fruit. But don't feel sorry for me - I still eat pie. I just eat cold, hard, refrigerated pie.

12. Whenever I see a newscast about someone being attacked by a grizzly bear, I am bothered more by the fact that the bear had to be put down than the scars and surgeries of the person who got attacked. I am a heartless soul.

13. I am on the third book of the Twilight series and Bella pisses me off so bad I can hardly keep reading. Grow the hell up, stop moping around, enjoy your non-rent paying teenage years and know you don't need a stupid vampire boy to make you happy. It's 2010 little girl. Get a fucking grip. (Team Jacob!)

I can not live, eat, think, feel or wash my laundry without this 187-year-old boy. I am pathetic.

14. I like to eavesdrop on other people's conversations, especially while at dinner with my husband. He hates it. I know it's rude (to both him and the unsuspecting participants) but other people are so damn fascinating!

15. I once had fake nails. (My best friend will not let me live this down and insisted I come out of the acrylic closet and confess.) So, okay, deep breath. I HAD ACRYLIC NAILS FOR PROM BUT KEPT THEM ON AFTER PROM ENDED - AND I LIKED THEM!!! (There you go A; I won't mention the time you made me cut your hair and then you cried really hard and promptly kicked me out of your house; only to call me minutes later to come back over so we could talk about the hideous hack job. I told you I didn't know how to cut hair!! )

These nails have pieces of fruit on them - if her hands get warm....... I'm puking on my flip flops!!

16. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and can see really clearly and I think to myself, "Shit! Oh, my god! It's a miracle!!" Only to realize, seconds later, that I forgot to take out my contacts the night before. Then I am sad.

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