Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Movie Thang

Sex & The City 2! Sex & The City 2! Sex & The City 2!

It's opening day tomorrow people!

Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda - 4
of my closest friends.

My Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie - another 4 of my closest friends.

But alas......... I will not be going to see it for at least a week (or two) and then it will have to be on a random Tuesday morning.

Let me tell you why.

You see, I have this hmmmmmm, how shall I say this? I have a "movie thingy". (Please make the quote mark move with your 2 fingers on both hands while you read the rest of this blog.) And only my family and close friends know this about me. It' s one of "my things". You know how people have "their things"? For example: my husband can not take a drink of soda without hiccuping. It's weird - it's "his thing". And I also have this friend who used to set her alarm clock for like 1 hour and 43 minutes ahead of the real time - don't ask me why - it was just "her thing".

My "movie thingy" may border on some sort of clinical situation that needs medication, but I hate to label these neurosis so let's just keep calling it what it is - "my thing". (End quote hands here.)

So - this is it. I hate hate hate going to the movies with other people. I mean, I like to go with my people, but I hate a packed house. I hate having to sit by someone I don't know and feeling like I have to politely keep my hands in my lap because they are hogging the god damn armrest. I'm an only child - me no likey sharing. I hate people's fucking outbursts of cheers or inappropriate laughter or sighs or heavy breathers. I hate hate hate heavy breathers.

AND, I must have the perfect seat. I may have a touch of claustrophobia, but like I said earlier I hate to label things - lets just say I need a way out at all times - because I hate to sit like 6 people in. I also don't like to sit in the smack-ass middle of the movie theater itself. It must be either the second or third row from the back and if no one is around like 4 seats in from the side.

AND, I MUST MUST MUST be sitting and ready to go (ie. popcorn in lap, napkins handy, water in soda holder, chocolate within reaching distance, cell phone off , chap stick on etc.) a good, solid five (preferably ten) minutes before the previews start (I love the previews.) or I will not go to the show. Even if I have driven all the way there for the sole purpose of watching that movie and the movie starts in like 3 mintues? Nope, noway, forget about it.

Which leaves me going to really popular movies on random weekdays, with time to spare and really, really understanding friends that don't judge me on this particular crazy thing.

Other than all that I am a pretty fun movie date.


  1. I am going to see it tonight! Big ruckus I am sure! I love the previews too.

  2. Very cute. I'll trryyyy to refrain from telling you alll about it before you see it. I get it though, it's your "thing." (Or did I put the quotes in the wrong place?!)