Monday, May 3, 2010

Mrs. Queen

I recently saw something that made me flashback to the days when I would rush home from school and listen to my mom's record player..... this makes me sound like I grew up in the 1960's but I really didn't. I was an 80's child - but I still rushed home to listen to my mom's records.

I was particularly fond of Queen and the album A Night at the Opera. The album cover was white and had this rainbow of colors on it, with a bird and other crazy shit - I loved it. For those of you who are die-hard Queen fans (annnnnnd whooooo isn't) you will know that A Night at the Opera features such classics like "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "You're My Best Friend" -neither which I listened to.

Nope - not this girl - I was OBSESSED with "The Prophet's Song."

And it's 8 minutes and 17 seconds long! Making it Queen's longest song. So, not only is it really, really long; it's really, really, bad. It's actually, really, really, really, really, really bad.

(If you have 8 minutes and 17 seconds of your life you are willing to give up for me, and your boss won't get mad you're listening to Queen while on the clock, then please see for yourself. BUT you HAVE to listen to the WHOLE thing to get the point of this blog - okay, maybe the whole thing will be too painful but listen to at least 6 min. and 30 sec.)

See? I told ya!

But, I seriously LOVED this song when I was like 7 years old. LOVED it - I would listen to it 5 times a day, all in a row. (Which is 41 minutes and 25 seconds of Freddie Mercury on a bad day; over and over and over and over......)

I feel okay admitting this to blog-land because I HAVE to tell you what my husband's most favorite movie was back in the day ....... his mom told me he would watch it every day after school. I guess he watched it so much the tape broke and he cried.

Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Can you picture seven year old me and eight year old him on opposite sides of the world: me listening to the song you just heard and him watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

It's like destiny that we found each other!


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  2. Try that again it didnt work sorry: hmmm see what you mean about the song. Not their best song is it? But I couldnt do any better.
    Baa haa haa he used to watch Rocky Horror every day? Ha crack up you guys were so meant to be. Well I think he made up for it though by building wicked awesome fun mud slides that we all used to go hurtling down & into a huge muddy pond at Bodhisattva Rd(did I mention that they were awesome?)

  3. It's fate. Now you are destined to produce the next crazy, but oh so brillant, rockstar!

  4. Are you saying that the RHPS is not STILL one of the most awesome movies of all time???

  5. Oh No - it is, it is indeed one of thee most awesome movies, friend. I'm just hinting around to the fact that he and I really want to be cross-dressing rock stars.......