Monday, September 5, 2011

Lost Solez the 5th

 I trust everyone had a killer long-weekend and that many of you spent that time with your family.  I spent it with Z and Boyfriend and my good friends - my family here in the isles.

So in honor of my "other" family (for lack of a better term) here are some lost solez from my "real" family (for lack of a better term).

Havre, Montana                      Aunt Carla

Great Falls, Montana                              Cousin Carrie 

New Town, North Dakota                      Cousin Summer 

Havre, Montana           Cousin Madison

Great Falls, Montana                    Step-Dad Sam 

*Bonus Picture*

Butte, Montana                                 Cousin Carrie

Oh man that bonus picture is all sortsa fantastic!!  Thank you family for keeping an eye out for me!!  And thank you my friends for doing the same!  I have so many from so many more of you! 

Keep those eye balls peeled! My G-ma just said to me today, "When I drive I'm not looking at the trees, I'm looking down on the road trying to look for lost solez!" 

Amen, G-ma, Amen.

Found a lost sole? Email me the pic at

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