Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mustache Maddness

This is what true love looks like, kids!!

I would like to start out with this blog post saying "Happy 7 Year Anniversary" to Z. You are the greatest most greatest man I could ever ask for. 

Okay, so I have this friend who has been a loyal follower of my blog since Day 1.  We grew up in the same town and had the same friends and worked together for a little while at the best gym ever!! I'm also really good friends with her aunt; so I like to think of myself as an honorary member of her family as well!!

She now lives in New York City and is just the cutest of the cutest. It's so fun when we manage to get together when we are both at home at the same time because it's always a party and it feels like we were just hanging out. (Don't you just love when you have friends like that - like it could be 5 years and then once you see them, it's like no time has passed at all? Ugh, thee best!!)

So anyway, out of the blue I get this fun little package from her in the mail with these little gems.

Shut your face up!!!

So then a like a month later I get another gift in the mail along with a letter which I will share with all of you - with her permission! The writing in purple is the letter Bianne wrote to me and the writing in Black and Italics is mine because I can't keep my mouth shut.

So here's the story behind this one... I have a friend, LW, who is always helping me be more fashionable and feminine. (Totally understand this b/c we grew up in butt-fuck Egypt with cow poop and football in our blood and now homegirl is living in NYC where there are like, real fashion designers and shit.Whether it is finding the perfect accessory, lipstick or bra, she always loves making women feel their best. Well, about a year ago, LW tells me I should probably start waxing my stash. (I know it's been sometime since I've see you, Bri, but I don't remember ever seeing you sporting facial hair but hey - time and hormones are powerful things!)  She acknowledges that it is all blond hair so it isn't terrible, but there is just so much of the blond hair that she feels it definitely qualifies as a stash. (Well that is a good friend right there, folks!) Of course, I was completely horrified that I had been walking around with a mustache! But not horrified enough to want to start waxing (Oh man, that's the Montana in ya talking.....)  until recently. A guy I have been hanging around with (Eeeeeeee!) was driving LW and me to Penn Station to catch our train to the Hamptons. (As you do.) It was a beautiful sunshiny morning and we had the sunroof open. As I turned around to talk to LW in the back seat, she exclaims, "Brianne. It is time. Your mustache is so out of control, I can see blonde hairs glistening in the sunlight!" (Wait your girl says this IN FRONT of the guy you're hanging out with?? Aghast!!)  To which the dude replies, "Yeah, you are a little stashtastic." (Double, wait... Triple Aghast!!!)  
The rest of the story goes like this:  We missed our train. We had to drink beer at noon to kill time until the next train. (Did Bri have a beer foam mustache while this was happening, I wonder? j/k buddy.) My friend happened to notice a threading salon across the street from Penn. (Well that's lucky.)  Mid-day beers helped me decide it was time to lose the stash. (Mid-day beers are always so helpful, probably in every single situation I can think of.)  A week later I receive this Stashtastic tee from the dude. (I think you should marry this boy. Like Now. I like him..... a lot.)  And obviously, I had to get one for you!

Fo realsies yo'.... Stachetastic indeed!

And remember the Mustache Mystery??  And remember how I sorta figured out who the sender was... well it was my Godmother!! One of my most favoritest people in the whole world!

And she's gotten me these!!  Another great T-Shirt she had made!

Me or Mustaches? 
And these! Ugh, I love, love, love these! There were 4 wine tags all together and one has my name on one, one has Z's name on one and the other two say "Musta" "Stache" So CUTE!!!

Forget about it!
So there's some more mustache madness for you guys!  It's really never not funny! :})

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  1. stache-tastic would make me wax too...holy shit. yeah, i'd say he's a keeper.

    congrats on year 7! you guys are amazing!