Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update Time!!

Oh, so many things you guys.... there are so many things to share with you all that I've just been putting off blogging rather than try to sort it all out.... I know!!!

Where to start - where to start??

I took a 5-day writing workshop run by a talented and brilliant woman, met some talented and inspiring writers and now I feel different.  Like - I. Feel. Different.  I can't explain it but it was more than I expected and I am still in a post-workshop slump.  I didn't want it to end!!! Love to all my AOM homies!!  Big Big Love!!!

Our garden is GOING OFF!!  Remember the whole lasagna-gardening process?  Well one month in the tropics and this is what you get!! (We've maybe watered it twice!?!)

1 month!!!

We have INSANE amounts of lettuce!!

Beans, Beans the Magical Fruit.....

Herbs and a rouge tomato plant that started out of nowhere!

Tomato Love

It must be the time of year b/c everything is going crazy!!


Apple - Bananas
Gerber Daisies

Papaya Love

Our Chicks!!


And the first of the harvests!!!

I grew this, yo!!

And these!!!  What you know about yellow wax beanz!!
Seriously - we are all farmer-in-the-dell these days!  So fun!!  

Okay - so that's a quick update....more Lost Solez coming up...... I have 91 pictures since I started!!  NINTY-ONE!!  Holy shit you guys!  Thank you, thank you for keeping your eyes out!  AND.... some fun mustache maddness - you didn't think my love for the stache was gone now did ya??

Stay Tuned......

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