Friday, September 23, 2011

Lost Solez: Lost Sole Matez

Here is another addition of Lost Solez!!

I have so many now that this one shall be called
"Lost Sole Matez" Part 1.

Paia, Hawaii                    T-Dubya

Chicago, Illinois                       Ally

Makawao, Hawaii                T-Dubya

Tavares Bay, Hawaii                     Linda & Guapo

   Peahi, Hawaii                                                        Z

*Bonus Picture*

Austin, Texas                 Darlene C

Fo the record: How can a person lose BOTH shoes? Is this some sort of Rapture thing? Were they super drunk? I can understand a little kid but I don't understand the others..... it's such a great phenomena, no? One of life's mysteries!! I love it!

Keep those eye balls peeled and send pics to me -

I have been advised to start a Tumbr page-thingy so I'm going to try to get all fancy-pants and try to use Tumblr for these beauties... WTF is Tumblr you ask? Well, IDK.  We will find out. And I will keep you posted! 

Happy Weekend!


  1. someone once told me that two shoes loping in the wind like that means you can buy drugs nearby...say it isn't soooooo

  2. I always heard it was a gang territory thing.

  3. The drug thing? Maybe. The gang thing? I'm not so sure.... I think it's just some punk kids being bored.... but then the glass is half full for me!! I like to believe in unicorns and Bigfoot so I'm an unreliable source!!