Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not So Funny

I have a little bit of a secret.

I am taking an improv comedy class. Today will be my second class.

I'm sorry I didn't ever really mention anything the last couple of weeks. It is so un-like me - I usually have no secrets. (Look at past blogs - I've only written a handful but I have already mentioned poop, tampon strings and my love for back-up dancing.) I didn't say anything about the class because..................


So I signed up for it on a whim, well not on a whim, but it sounds more fun -

So I signed up for it on a whim and now here I am 4.5 hours from my second class and I feel like I'm going to puke or pass out or pass out in my puke. Take your pick.

See, here's the thing...............

I'M NOT AN ACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can be sorta funny, maybe? Sometimes? But not on purpose, not on cue, not when 10 strangers are all staring at me!!!

In college, I opted to take "Acting for Non-Majors" instead of Public Speaking because I thought the acting one would at least be a little bit of fun. It wasn't - I was the only one in the whole class that didn't get an A. It was acting for non-actors, how hard could that be?? Show up, feel stupid, judge others on their stupidity and go on with my day...... no-a-way I sucked it up.

(Oh and P.S. It ruined my 4.0 for that semester - the only 4.0 I even had a chance to get in college. Bastards.)

Anyways - I saw this flyer for the improv class around town the exact day I told my husband how fun it would be to try something like improv and how great it would be for writing. (I would love to write for a show - Golden Girls, Saturday Night Live, Sex & the City, Flight of the Concords etc.)

So me being me, I took the timing of spotting the flyer as a sign from the great writing gods that I needed to go out on a limb and take the 4 week class. Well this limb's a shakin......and I'm not a fan of standing on shaky limbs because I have terrible balance.

I wasn't so nervous last Wed. night because I didn't know what to expect, but now that I know some of the games we have to play and how I'm not funny on cue, I don't like it.

It's Acting for Non-Majors all over again. (Except this time I'm not judging others and I'm not 115 pounds, nor will I go out on a date with the cute blonde skater guy.)


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