Saturday, April 24, 2010


Sorry I left ya hanging on the whole "shitting my pants over my improv night". I did not puke or pass out, I actually (dare I say) had a fun time! All that worrying for nothin'.


I was exceptionally good at a particular improv game entitled, "Conclusions." Where my partner compliments me on something and then I "jump to conclusions," albeit in a funny, in-your-face way.

He told me he liked my t-shirt (Of course he liked my shirt I was wearing, it has a big ole' trout on the front and the shirt states, "High, Wide and Handsome...... Monfuckintana!" - It's like, thee best T-shirt ever.)

Looky what I found a picture of - I love you internet! (Please note these breasts are not mine, but I wish they were!)

Anyway, he tells me he likes my T-shirt (duh!) and I go off on something about him eating animals and how he likes to kill innocent things, and he says no, just trout and I say so you're a racist and he laughs and the class laughs and he tells me, he eats all animals and I pretend I am gagging and a member of PETA and he tells me I must be strong-willed and I ask him if he just called me a bitch and now he's all flusturted and the teacher's laughing and then he says no, he meant that it's good to stand up for your beliefs and I ask him if he's implying now that I am a hippie and if he thinks I am all about free love and how now I am offended that he wants to sleep with me.

Jumping to Conclusions!! Always a good time!

My partner told me I was really good at that game; I just smiled and shrugged and told him he should probably feel sorry for my husband then!

Also on an up-note: I was introduced yesterday to this younger boy that is in my friend's fashion design class and as he was shaking my hand he looked up at me and said, "Wow, you're really pretty."

How great is that????

(He obviously wasn't hitting on me, because as I stated earlier he is in my friends fashion-design class - so that just made it all the more sweeter.)

I'm not trying to brag, I don't particularly think I am much to look at compared to the rest of the beauties on the beaches here, I barley shower three times a week. I am merely pointing out that sometimes it is nice to hear nice things from people who are not your husband; even if that boy probably thinks Zac Efron is prettier than me, I'm still taking the god-damn compliment!

Fine - this boy is prettier than me, I'll agree.

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