Sunday, June 6, 2010

Graduation Station

My cousin just graduated from high school and I sent her some cash and a Dr. Seuss "Oh! The Places You'll Go" graduation card where I had written ten things I thought she should know. My family got a kick out of it so I decided to share it with blog-land. (It's written for a girl but you get the gist!)

My Top Ten List for Graduating High Schoolers

1. Don't do drugs that require snorting up your nose or sticking a needle in your arm.

2. Kiss a lot of boys but don't give just any boy your heart; make him work for that!

3. Nothing makes or breaks a friendship faster than becoming roommates - so choose your roomies very, very wisely!

4. It's perfectly okay to go out on a date just for the free dinner.

5. Let your parents buy you groceries and jumbo containers of shampoo and conditioner, tampons, dish soap, laundry soap, body soap, razors, Swedish Fish etc. from Costco.

6. Learn how to wait tables. It's really good money and you'll probably get a staff meal (so eat half for your dinner now and the other half for your lunch tomorrow - stretch that free shit out!) Plus being a waitress teaches you how to multi-task and how to deal with assholes - both very good skills for life.

7. Invest in a really, really good Fake I.D. Spend some money on it; this will save you embarrassing moments with bouncers and bartenders.

8. Don't be afraid to travel to far away places. Take a summer job at Lake Tahoe or do the foreign exchange program at college. Take a trip to Thailand. The people you will meet will change the course of your life.

9. Don't mix your hard alcohol with soda - the excess sugar will make you super-dooper hungover. Stick with beer or mix it with juice and/or water.

10. Remember your parents love you. Listen to them, they want only the best for you and whether you like it or not - they know more than you do!

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