Thursday, June 17, 2010

M to the T

Wow - ten days since my last post...... naughty, naughty. At least I changed the layout up a bit.....keep ya'll on your toes.

I really have nothing to report. Which I suppose is good news, right? Improv is done for the time being, been working a bit for a catering company, the husband and Boyfriend are all good!

I am going home to Montana in a month. So, so, so excited for some Montana summer! Been trying to get my cowboy boots back from New Zealand (I gave them to Z's sister but I don't think she wears them!) So hopefully they are in the mail so's I can bust them out in Montucky.

My girlfriends and I have dubbed my homecoming "Sun-dresses & Shit-kickers" so I want my boots back for the Dive-Bars, Country-Western Concerts, Rodeos and State Fairs!

Yee-Haw Ya'll!

(You can take the girl outta Montana.........!)

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