Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Facts a la Z

It is Z's 32nd Birthday today!

So in honor of the man lucky enough to spend the rest of his life with this girl - I have decided to do a Random Fact Blog all about him.

1. Homeboy hates to put mail in the mailbox at the post office. I mean like, fo' real, hates it. He gets a little anxiety over the whole process; whether it's the big blue metal box or the little lift-up hole in the wall at the P.O.  He says it's because he's worried that there isn't a stamp, or that he addressed the envelope wrong or he put the wrong thing in the wrong envelope. (Which makes no sense since I am the one who pays the bills, sends christmas cards, etc.....) But this anxiety streams over to mailing mail I have assembled too. And of course, I think this is so fantastically fucking hilarious because he has not a care in the world over anything else; so I make him mail them every time!

2.  Z has size 11 feet..... but the dude is only 5'7"! (I will refrain from the obvs penis joke here - but only because my mom and g-ma read this.) But they do remind me of hobbit feet.

Well, sans hair.

3.  Z is the smack-ass middle of 5 siblings.  (I am the only child, remember?) This, my good friends, is that golden answer to the question, "How do you have a long, lasting marriage?" Now where is my million and millions of dollars??

4.  Z's porn-star name is.......................... are you ready for this.......................Fluffy Bum Charmers.
(Ya'll know your porn-star name is the first pet you can remember owning and the first street you can remember living on.**)  Mine is Mini Big Spur, and until meeting Z, I thought I had the best one. But then I met Z and that name knocked my socks off!

5.  Z once owned a pig named Punk.

Punk probably looked a little like this guy.

6.  Dude can not take a first sip of soda without hiccuping. It's so weird and is one of those things that I thought was cute when we first met but now, 8 years later,  I think it is so annoying. Get a grip, take a sip, it's only carbonation, gawd.

7.  When Z shaved off the mustache, the angles in heaven cried.

As did we all.

Happiest of Days to you Z!!  Here's to another year of love &  laughs!  

*Please feel free to leave your porn-star name in the comments below - I bet we can find someone who's better than Fluffy Bum Charmers. (Okay, probably not.... but we can try, no?)


  1. Gotta love those middle children. They make damn fine husbands. Signed, Poochie Wells

  2. Ha! I think it's funny when someone has lived on a # Street!!
    Kristin B. lived on Funk Street?? That's the street I want to grow up on in my next life!!

  3. Great post baby! You're the best!